Liquid Leisure is the UK’s leading watersports facility, set on one of the most beautiful private freshwater lakes amongst stunning parkland in the heart of Berkshire. The natural sheltering offers great protection from the elements, spoiling us with nice calm waters throughout the year.

Our cable system provides a dynamic way to spend maximum time on the water, whilst keeping it cost effective. Liquid Leisure provides a unique experience with highly qualified staff who will offer friendly and encouraging tuition to any who desire it.  This also makes our park the perfect place to experience wakeboarding for the first time on our beginner’s cable. Our relaxed and warm atmosphere will ensure you want to return again and again until you have it mastered. If you’re feeling nervous about starting on our main cable, from May onwards, 5 days a week for a few hours a day, the cable runs at a slower speed which is the perfect way to build up your confidence in a safe environment. Alternatively, our two tower cable offers first-class instruction dependent on capability. This ensures each participant is receiving tuition that matches the quality of our state of the art equipment and obstacles.