Can I bring my own food and drink onto the site?

No, we serve food and drink on site, so please respect this. However, we do allow birthday cakes for parties

Do I have to be a competent swimmer?

Yes, you must be able to swim 50m with a buoyancy aid on, and be confident in the water. It is very likely for you to go under water. You also have to swim to the Aqua Park to gain access.The lake is on average 5m deep and if seen struggling to swim, a lifeguard will take you out of the water and you will not be allowed back onto the Aqua Park. The same applies for use of the cables and boat.

Can I wear shoes on the Aqua Park?

No trainers, or hard soled shoes are allowed. Otherwise barefoot is ok.

What time do I need to arrive?

We advise at least an hour before your session. Therefore if your session was at 1pm, we advise you to arrive by 12 noon. This gives you time to check in, get changed (if required), and be briefed. Our safety briefing takes place at quarter to the hour.

Do I need to wear a helmet and life jacket?

On the Aqua Park everyone must wear a lifejacket but only those under 16 have to wear a helmet. On the cable everyone must wear a buoyancy aid and a helmet but on the boat only a life jacket is compulsory.

Should I wear a wetsuit?

This your choice as wetsuits are not compulsory. You are able to wear your own wetsuit if you would like or you can hire one from us on the day for £5. On the day you can find out an accurate reading of the lake’s temperature to help you make your decision. Please wear appropriate swimwear if you are not wearing a wetsuit, no mankini’s!

Can I hire my wetsuit online before I arrive?

No, wetsuits can only be hired on the day on site for £5.

Can I participate if I am pregnant?

We strongly advise that you do not participate if pregnant.

Can I wear jewellery on the Aqua Park?

All jewellery must be removed before you enter the park, including ALL removable earrings. If you have recently had any piercings we can provide tape to cover them.

Can I take a waterproof camera or other electrical device onto the Aqua Park?

Yes you can, however they MUST be secured by a chest harness – wearing a camera is at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible for any lost devices.

Can I wear my spectacles?

It is STRONGLY advised not to wear your spectacles on the aqua park, prescription goggles are a good alternative. If you have to wear your glasses, this is done entirely at your own risk, as there is a high chance of losing or damaging them.

Do I have to be physically fit to take part?

No you don’t have to be particularly fit to take part but it does require a certain amount of strength to use and climb aboard many of the obstacle and the hour can be very tiring.

Can I wear swimming goggles?

Yes you can wear swimming goggles.

How old do you need to be to go on the aqua park?

The minimum age for participation on the Aqua Park is 6 years old but the child does have to be taller than 1.1 m.

Can children go on unaccompanied?

Yes they can but we would advise that if they are under 12 that an adult accompanies them.

Is the Aqua Park enjoyable for adults as well as children?

Absolutely, It’s a fantastic activity for all the family to enjoy together. It is challenging to both adults and children, there are parts of the park that the adults will struggle with, and other parts the children will struggle with, but it is great fun for everyone.

Can I wear clothing?

The only clothing you are allowed to wear is tight clothing, for example leggings, shorts, tight fitting t-shirts or vest tops etc. Unfortunately we cannot accept anybody wearing loose clothing.

Can I wear fancy dress clothing?

Unfortunately you cannot wear any loose clothing on the aqua park, therefore we do not allow any fancy dress of any sort on the park.

Will our session be cancelled if it rains?

You still take part in the rain. Our theory is…you are going to get wet anyway!!… It is good fun in the rain. We have wetsuits available to hire for those wishing to hire on arrival.

What happens if there is a storm?

If we have a storm over head then we will pause and resume once the storm has passed. Then your time will continue as normal. This does mean we may have to delay later sessions if this does occur.

Can I stop my session on the Aqua Park early?

You can come off the session at any time if you want a rest, you can then continue with your session. You are not allowed to come off early then have the remaining time on another session.

What happens if I am late due to poor traffic?

We will do our best to get you on the session as soon as possible, however this cannot be guaranteed. If you miss your session, no refund will be given. We cannot be held responsible if you are late. That is why we strongly suggest you get to the park at least an hour before your booked session. Therefore if you are booked on at 2pm, you will need to arrive before 1pm to enable us to check your waiver and book you in.

Are there any fish or animals in the lake?

It is a fresh water lake and there are fish and other water related animals.

Can you go on the Aqua Park for longer than an hour?

Yes you can. You will have to come off the session and go on again. We have to ensure all participants are off the water at the end of the session.

Are there any lockers?

The only lockers we have here on site are for members and only available for annual lease

Is there parking?

There is ample parking and an overflow for busy days

Are there any discounts for group bookings?

No, we have priced the Aqua Park competitively to attract participants

Are there any changing rooms and/or showers?

There are 2 large communal changing rooms for both male and females down at the Aqua Park but no showers

Can I cancel my booking?

If cancel your booking more than 2 weeks before you will lose 25%. If you cancel within 2 weeks of your attendance date you will lose it all.